• Menopause symptoms can include hot flushes!

  • Aches/Pains/Sleeplessness!

  • Fatigue/Moodiness!

  • Nutrafem makes a positive difference!

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Read about other women's experience with menopause on how they had benefited from Nutrafem. We hope their stories will inspire you to take better control of your health.

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Lynda, 48— VIC

I was given Nutrafem to try by a friend. I was experiencing over 20 hot flushes a day and would wake constantly throughout the night. As a result I was tired and cranky by the afternoon. It had come to a point where I'd give anything a go! Not wanting to go down the HRT path I was interested that Nutrafem was an all natural product. I began taking 2 Nutrafem in the morning and 2 after dinner. Within three days my hot flushes had dramatically reduced and were less intense. After a week they had disappeared altogether. I can sense when I should be having a hot flush but it never eventuates. After 2 weeks I am now only taking 1 in the morning and 1 after dinner and this is sufficient for me. Nutrafem changed my life. I feel much more relaxed, sleep normally and don't have the stress of wondering when a hot flush will attack! Thanks Nutrafem. A very, very satisfied customer :)

Ruth, 56— SA

Over the past 4 years I have been dealing with mainly hot flushes. I was put on HRT to have a side affect of a period for a year. I was taken of HRT and then tried an antidepressant which side affect helps hot flushes. The hot flushes did decrease however I didn't want to be on anti depressants. I tried many different alternative medication which seemed to work but I was on about 12 tablets a day. I didnt say I hate taking pills or medication of any kind. I heard about nutrafem via a family connection and to start with I was very skeptical. I started 4 tablets a day for the first two weeks then went to 2 tablets a day for another two weeks. Finally I got to one a day and then silly me though I was doing well so I stopped taking any. After 2 weeks the symptoms all started again, hot flushes, irritation, mood swings, trouble concentrating, depression and body aches. So I have started back on 4 a day to get back into my system. So to all you ladies out there. These really do work.........

Violetta, 50— NSW

2 weeks in and the change has been beyond amazing. My hot flashes are virtually gone and my night sweats are nowhere near as bad or as prevalent.  If you are suffering from symptoms of menopause then do not hesitate, this natural product will turn your life around for the better, it has mine.

Chris, 50— NSW

"Wow, wow and wow... Is it even possible that I can see a difference in only 3 days???? Yesterday was the very first day in 8 months that I actually felt human.  Slept better,  less hot flushes and night sweats and less stressing about insignificant things.

Chris, 49— NSW

Where do I start? 5 weeks on Nutrafem and I am a completely different person. Like everyone else, the hot flushes have gone and I am sleeping better. I am waking up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. A day with the energy to exercise and enthusiasm to get on with my life. Most importantly though, I have stopped the unexplained crying - the confusion, anxiety and stress for no apparent reason. My blood pressure is now normal again and I feel more in control of my life again. Pre-Nutrafem days were like a roller coaster of emotions and I couldn't stop the ride that was spiralling out of control. I look back at that time and wonder "was that really me".... ummmmm, yep, sure was! Luckily that "me" was easily removed with Nutrafem!!!!

Chrissy , 48— SA

Hi I thought I was going mad but s friend suggested I try Nutrafem Well what can I say ..., I really believe it's working!! My mood has changed I'm not snappy and emotional, sleeping soundly with less wakes and sweats I feel I have more energy! My honest opinion.. It's worth a try I did and so happy with results thank you Chris for recommending and a big thank you to Nutrafem X Chrissy 😊

Dorothy, 50— NSW

Over the last three years, my periods have been very irregular. I experienced bad mood swings, hot flushes that come on and off and I was constantly physically tired.

I was concerned about the symptoms I was experiencing and I suspected I was going through menopause. After one year, I finally decided it was time to find a remedy for my discomfort. I started talking to people to find out what the different options were and found out more about HRT. However, I was concerned about HRT due to the negative side effects I had heard about.

My friends recommended Nutrafem to me and I've been taking it for the past two years. Ever since taking Nutrafem, I feel so much more energized and more importantly, my mood swings are in control. On days that I know will be particularly long and hectic, I'll take four or six Nutrafem for that added energy boost.

If I had heard about Nutrafem earlier, I would have definitely started taking it sooner. The fact that it's a natural supplement without side effect is an added incentive because I am wary of HRT's side effects.

I've recommended Nutrafem to my friends. People who haven't seen me in a while often tell me that my complexion has improved; there's a glow on my face and I look more relaxed and radiant. I just tell them, Nutrafem.

Cherine, 41— Int

I have always experienced bad mood swings whenever my period was approaching. I was very temperamental and always snapped at my husband and children.

However since I started taking Nutrafem, I don't feel the same build up of aggression as I did before. I don't get drastic mood swings and my husband and children can tell the difference in me. They are all a lot happier now.

In addition to the improvement in mood swings, I feel more energized and outlook throughout the day is different. I used to get very tired and lethargic around midday but all that has changed. I also sleep better at night and now I jump out of bed in the morning.

I take two Nutrafem capsules every morning and I tell myself, I can save on other things, but I can't save on Nutrafem, it's a must have. My advice to women – start Nutrafem before menopause like I did, it helps to ease the transition; don't wait until it's too late!

Now, I'm a happy woman with Nutrafem.

Alice , 51— Int

I suffered from various menopausal symptoms for at least two months. Hot flushes are one of the worse symptoms I have to go through. I get up to twenty hot flushes a day, leaving me sweaty and uncomfortable. But ever since I took Nutrafem, I can now enjoy my daily lifestyle without worrying about having hot flushes.

Not only did my hot flushes immediately start to subside, but it also makes me feel more energised and less moody. I've been taking Nutrafem for three months now and I definitely feel happier and suffer less body aches.

Nutrafem has helped me a lot and I will not think twice about recommending it to my family or friends who need help in managing their menopausal symptoms.

Now that my hot flushes have reduced significantly, it gives me greater confidence and makes me a happier person.

Nutrafem helps me to through the aging process in a better light.

Janet, 49— Int

I've been taking Nutrafem for over two years and I've seen gradual but significant improvements.

I used to experience very severe and uncomfortable hot flushes that took place suddenly. I would be feeling fine one moment but then in just a short while, the heat would rise and I would be covered in perspiration. A few minutes later, I would be very cold. I also had a very bad mood swings and was easily irritate. In addition, I used to get very bad tennis elbow and would ache all over.

But after Nutrafem, the intensity and the frequency of my hot flushes have actually subsided. I no longer perspire and when I do get the occasional hot flush, it goes away quickly.

My mood swings have not been as intense and I'm not so easily agitated anymore.

I've found a renewed energy with Nutrafem.

Because Nutrafem is natural, I feel that it is safer.

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