• Menopause symptoms can include hot flushes!

  • Aches/Pains/Sleeplessness!

  • Fatigue/Moodiness!

  • Nutrafem makes a positive difference!

About Us

Nutrafem Australia is the Exclusive Authorised Distributor for Nutrafem in Australia.

Like many Australian women, Rosemary, had been suffering horrible menopause symptoms for over two years when she discovered Nutrafem. The symptoms were not pleasant: she was waking up dripping with sweat ten plus times a night, snapping at people for no reason, bursting into tears over the most trivial things and even forgetting where she put her keys on a regular basis.

Rosemary had tried everything on the market with no success. A chance visit to a GP whilst she was doing some work in Singapore led her to discover Nutrafem; a herbal solution now manufactured in Australia composed of Mung beans and the bark of the Eucommia tree.

She decided to give it a try as HRT, which was also suggested to her was not something she was willing to consider because of its strong link to breast cancer. Rosemary felt comfortable trying Nutrafem as it was the only natural menopause relief solution she had found on the market that had gone through toxicology testing conducted in Australia as well as a clinical trial which was promising enough to be published in the American Menopause Society Journal.  Nutrafem is also now manufactured right here  in Australia.

Seven days later she noticed a significant decrease in the number and severity of her hot flushes. Rosemary was now getting six to eight hours of sleep at night which was a massive improvement. Her energy levels were up as was her overall feeling of wellbeing.

“As the symptoms started to decrease I felt like I had been given my life back. After they completely disappeared around four weeks later I was ecstatic. Nutrafem has seriously saved my sanity”.

As if to prove the effectiveness of the treatment, an accidental lapse in replenishing her supply saw Rosemary without her supplement for a short time. Within three days she was back to the same awful symptoms.

A short time later during a night out with friends the subject of menopause came up and it was a revelation. “I had no idea how many women are going through the same nightmare that I was,” said Rosemary. This soon led to her deciding to become the exclusive distributor for Nutrafem in Australia. I wanted to share this amazing discovery with my friends and others”.

This month after gaining her approved registration with the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia she launched her website (www.nutrafem.com.au) making this miracle product available on line to the multitudes of other Australian women whose lifestyles have been compromised by the debilitating symptoms of menopause.

Nutrafem is available online and comes with an unconditional money back guarantee.

The Natural Choice

Nutrafem is a natural botanical supplement that manages and offers relief for symptoms and discomforts associated with peri-menopause or menopause MORE »

Suggested Usage

For Health Maintenance take one capsule daily after food. For menopausal symptoms, take two to four capsules daily after food. MORE »

Quality Assurance

Nutrafem is produced in Australia according to rigorous industrial processes of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and verified with state-of-the-art analytical techniques. MORE »

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A list of frequently asked questions related to Nutrafem. If you need any other information, you may send in your questions now. We will be glad to be of help in your journey to better health. MORE »

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