• Menopause symptoms can include hot flushes!

  • Aches/Pains/Sleeplessness!

  • Fatigue/Moodiness!

  • Nutrafem makes a positive difference!

Menopause symptoms can be managed easily and naturally with Nutrafem®. Unlike hormone replacement therapy (HRT) which acts by adding external hormones to your body, Nutrafem® works by assisting the body to use its own hormones more effectively. Thus your body gets what it only needs. Clinically tested for safety and efficacy, Nutrafem® is your natural choice for menopause relief.

Are you having menopause syptoms?
Live in doubt no more, simply go through the 'Early Symptoms of Menopause' or download our Menopause Symptom Checker to help you determine if you are experiencing menopause.

Are you bothered by hot flushes, sleepless nights, body aches, fatigue, moodiness or just not feeling good? 




The Natural Choice

Nutrafem is a natural botanical supplement that manages and offers relief for symptoms and discomforts associated with peri-menopause or menopause MORE »

Suggested Usage

For Health Maintenance take one capsule daily after food. For menopausal symptoms, take two to four capsules daily after food. MORE »

Quality Assurance

Nutrafem is produced in Australia according to rigorous industrial processes of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and verified with state-of-the-art analytical techniques. MORE »

Your Questions Answered

A list of frequently asked questions related to Nutrafem. If you need any other information, you may send in your questions now. We will be glad to be of help in your journey to better health. MORE »

User Stories

Read about other women's experience with menopause on how they had benefited from Nutrafem. MORE »

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